First Assembly of God

Daily Devotional  

God Is Almighty

Read Jeremiah 46:1 through 49:39

Published: Jul 29, 2017

“As surely as I live,” declares the King, whose name is the Lord Almighty, “one will come who is like Tabor among the mountains, like Carmel by the sea” (Jeremiah 46:18).

God chose to use Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian king, to fulfill His vow to destroy the people of Judah who had fled to Egypt in violation of His will. God declared himself King, the Lord Almighty. His announcement made it clear that He stood over all the kings and powers of the earth, and He had His own strategy for judgment.

As it was then, so it is now. If the people of God will heed His Word, God will be with them and not destroy them. He will discipline but only in due measure. In all of this, God shows himself as the Master over world events, and in times of upheaval He continues to care for His own.

Challenge for Today: Focus on how God is still fulfilling His promises to those who love Him.

Quicklook: Jeremiah 46:13–19

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